I can see that it is a bit larger, I assume it has a higher output, but I have no idea how much higher, or if there are any additional advantages it has over the normal version.

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    Scanner over the building should show output, no? Oct 1, 2023 at 2:05

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I did some testing on this as there didn't appear to be any info in the game to tell you the difference. I set up one of each variant and hooked up water/fiber to make sure they could run continuously. Then I waited for 24 local hours to see the difference. The results are below.

  • Industrial: 617 Ornamental Material
  • Commercial: 379 Ornamental Material
  • Normal: 284 Ornamental Material

Given the results, it seems as though the commercial version works ~33% faster, and the industrial version works ~117% faster than the normal version. They took the same amount of resources for each craft (if you fed 2 fiber, 1 water to each, you would get 1 ornamental material from each) they just craft faster, so if you are setting up a production line, you will need a higher rate of collection for the inputs for the higher tier versions to insure they are able to craft at the max speed.

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