I have a model in my resource pack in my world, and the model structure works fine. Just the texture won't load.

Filepath, model: (world), resources, assets, models, custom, elitecreatures, (model)

Filepath, texture: (world), resources, assets, textures, custom, elitecreatures, (texture)

Anyone know how to fix this?

Java, 1.20.1

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    This seems like the kind of question that better belongs on StackOverflow. And you'll need more info, nobody can solve a question with just this. Nov 14 at 14:59
  • @Hipposgrumm how would this better on Stackoverflow?
    – Timmy Jim
    Nov 16 at 13:39
  • It seems like the kind of question that is more technical. Maybe it's just the fact that it doesn't contain enough information and I'm being thrown off. Nov 16 at 18:16


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