In Little Runmo - The Game, I came across a machine with an on/off switch that processes extra lives. In the original Runmo animation he was able to turn off the machine (8:07), but I can't find a way to deactivate it in the game.

How do I turn off the Life Extractor machine?

On/Off switch for the Life Extractor

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You cannot turn off the Life Extractor machine in Little Runmo - The Game. However, The character that Runmo met in the animation after turning off the machine, (Temp King), can still be met in the game.

First, collect all 7 coins scattered in different areas. Then, head to the throne room. Go past the throne while avoiding the Dring King's swipes. Go through a riding door and keep going right until you see a locked door. The lock will break if you have all 7 coins. The coin locations can be seen in this video.

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