I used a Repulsing Seal trap on some Shadows. "Immune" popped up above their heads when it went off, and in the battle logs at the bottom right, I see their Fortitude defence show up as "Imm.":

Screenshot showing "Acc:32 - Fort.:Imm. = Imm.. when I hover over a Repulsing Seal Trap miss

I'm puzzled by why. I know that the Fighter's Knock Down ability works on Shadows, which - like Repulsing Seal - is also a "vs. Fortitude" ability that causes Prone. The Bestiary page for Shadows clearly shows a finite Fortitude defence and doesn't show any immunity to Prone. So what's going on? Is this a bug? A hidden special-case immunity just to Repulsing Seal that isn't indicated anywhere in the Bestiary? Or have I missed something in the Bestiary that should've clued me in to this immunity?

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Shadows are immune to Ground effects.

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    Hmm. I suspect this is indeed the explanation, although it's a bit confusing since Repulsing Seal is not marked as a Ground effect in its description (unlike some other abilities like the Scroll of Tanglefoot which is labelled "Ground" right at the top of its description). Repulsing Seal meets the definition in the Cyclopedia of a Ground attack, though, so I guess the bug here is in the description of Repulsing Seal (which ought to label it as "Ground").
    – Mark Amery
    Dec 2, 2023 at 22:16

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