I recently reformatted a Solid State Drive (labeld D:) in my computer. Previously the SSD had Windows 10 installed, as I was dual booting Windows 10 & 11. I also had Steam games installed to it.

After reformatting, when I try to re-add a Steam library folder to the drive it fails with "Steam library folder is not writable". Currently the drive is empty, so there shouldn't even be a Steam folder to write to.

Why can't I add a Steam library folder to my empty drive?

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The issue was caused because the drive had an existing Steam library folder before it was reformatted and assigned the same drive letter (D:). Steam still had the old library path saved and was looking for it on the new blank-drive.

To resolve the issue, I located the old path file C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\libraryfolders.vdf. I then re-created the Steam folder that was being used before the drive was formatted (D:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam). After restarting Steam, the folder now correctly displays in my Steam Library.

Thanks to KRoman47 for the solution.

text file showing library folder paths

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