In a minecraft 1.20 world I set the spawn point to the end, and I tried to re-set it to the overworld by going to the overworld with the command

/execute as @p in minecraft:overworld run teleport 251 64 -160

and then use the command

/setworldspawn ~ ~ ~

But when I die I respawn back in the nether. But can I reset the spawn point to the overworld again?

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The most likely situation you're in is that you have set a spawnpoint for yourself. Even if you set the world spawn in the nether or the end you will respawn in the overworld.

To check if you have a spawnpoint set you can use the command:

data get entity @s

Then look at the end of your chat to find SpawnX, SpawnY & SpawnZ they will have your spawnpoint coordinates.

If you have set your spawn point with a bed or anchor, you can reset your spawnpoint by destroying the bed or anchor and then run /kill or any other way. If you used the spawnpoint command you have to use a bed or anchor first. You'll get the message "You have no home bed or charged respawn anchor, or it was obstructed". Then you can check for the spawn data again.

You can run this command so you don't need to look through the chat:

/data get entity @s SpawnX

This will give only the x coordinate, if you get a number you have a spawn but if you get the message: "Found no elements matching SpawnX" then you will spawn at the world spawn.


You probably set the spawn for yourself in the nether. You can use /clearspawnpoint to remove a spawn point in the Nether. If you clear spawn then use /spawnpoint then put in the cords and dimension it should set your spawn to the overworld.

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