The descriptions for Ascension levels 2, 3, and 4 say they make different types of enemies deadlier. (normal enemies, Elites, and Bosses respectively). The Slay the Spire Wiki says this means enemy attacks deal more damage.

How much more damage do enemies deal when Ascension is active?

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There is no set amount of damage increase for any specific Ascension level.

Different enemies just have different buffs depending on the Ascension, For example the Small Spike Slime deals 1 more damage on A2, but the Medium and Large each do 2 more damage on A2.

Then there are enemies that don't do any additional damage, but have changes to their buffs, for example the Cultist always does 6 damage, but on turn 1 they give a different Incantation depending on your Ascension level.

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