Normally when I fight a Lagavullian it has 8 Metalicize. However, on my recent run it started the fight with an extra 4 Metalicize for a total of 12. This happened on floor 6 and my only relics were Burning Blood and Golden Idol.

Why did Lagavullian start with an extra 4 Metalicize?

Plus 4 Metalicize

12 Metalicize

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The Lagavullian had an extra 4 Metalicize because of an Elite Buff.

After unlocking Act 4, until the Emerald Key is obtained, one of the elites in each Act will appear as a burning elite icon. This 'super elite' will receive one of the following buffs, and it will drop the Emerald Key when defeated.

  • (Act number + 1) increase in Icon Strength Strength.
  • +25% max HP.
  • (Act number*2 + 2) Icon Metallicize Metallicize.
  • (Act number*2 + 1) Icon Regen Regenerate.

Source: Slay the Spire Wiki

The usual 8 Metalicize goes away once the Lagavullian has woken up, but the bonus 4 Metalicize will remain for the entire fight.

Elite Buff icon

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