I am trying to 100% Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS (which I have been trying to do since 2 days ago) and am currently working on 100%ing Special World 8.

While I am aware that I still need to 100% S8-2 and S8-3, this is not my problem currently.

My current problem is getting the first Star Medal in S8-4. I have found and gotten the last two, however I am unable to find the location of the first one.

I think it might be somewhere near the beginning of the level, but I am unsure where specifically.

So my question is: where would I be able to find the first Star Medal in S8-4? I’m unsure where I should look.

Photo of progress

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It's located on the first "bolt" where Kamek shoots at you, screw it to the right to find the first medal.

enter image description here

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