I am trying to execute a test command where every single snowball with a enchantment data of Fortune thrown spawns an armor stand with the NBT data I specified.

At first I tried to get the data of the snowball. by doing:

/execute as @e[type=minecraft:snowball] run data get entity @s

after I had thrown it.

Which worked and I got this as a result: Minecraft Nbt Data

Which has the text {Enchantments: [{lvl: 1s, id: "minecraft:fortune"}]}

Which I tried to use to determine which snowball it was, by using this command

/tp @e[nbt={Enchantments: [{lvl: 1s, id: "minecraft:fortune"}]}] "Player Name"

But it says

"No Entity was Found"

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You need the full path: /tp @e[nbt={Item:{tag:{Enchantments: [{lvl: 1s, id: "minecraft:fortune"}]}}}] "Player Name"

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