How can I make a command detect the death of a wither (it has a name tag)


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To detect a death in Minecraft BE, use these commands (shown in the video below).

There are four (4) different command blocks that you need to add. Use these commands (with settings specified):

  1. Repeat, Unconditional, Always Active ( XP 1L @a[tag=!Dead,l=0] )

  2. Chain, Unconditional, Always Active ( tag @e[type=player,tag=!Dead] add Dead )

  3. Repeat, Unconditional, Always Active ( effect @a[l=0,tag=Dead] hunger 5 5 )

  4. Chain, Unconditional, Always Active ( tag @e[tag=Dead,l=0] remove Dead )

(Replace the type with minecraft:wither and add it's name with name="<NAME>"):

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