One day I was watching YouTube, and decided to watch Technoblade (RIP, dude...), and I was watching the video where TNT is summoned every 10 seconds (video shown below).

I wanted to recreate that challenge and tried this command:

/summon minecraft:tnt ~ ~ ~

...but it just summons a TNT explosion animation when it blows up. I couldn't find anything else in Minecraft or on the internet. What is the command for summoning an ignited TNT block as of 1.20.4?

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You can delay the explosion by adding the fuse tag:

/summon tnt ~ ~ ~ {fuse:80}

This command will summon a lit tnt block that explodes after 4 seconds.


To summon a TNT block through a command you can use (as Semlan Bakelsen suggested) the following:

/summon minecraft:tnt ~ ~ ~ {fuse:1}

As mentioned in this post you can use the execute command to summon a primed TNT at the player's feet:

/execute at <entity> run summon minecraft:tnt ~ ~ ~ {fuse:80}

You can use this website to create your own custom commands for different Minecraft versions.

I also found this thread on spigotmc with code snippets should you wish to dabble with that.

I haven't played Minecraft in quite some time but you could use a repeating command block to repeat the above mentioned commands every X time.

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