When I try to run this function below called checklevelscore.mcfunction Inside of tick.mcfunction, it does not change the level score at all. I expect it to continuously add 1 to the "level" score if for example "brawnscore" is 1.

scoreboard players operation @a level += @s brawnscore
scoreboard players operation @a level += @s agilityscore
scoreboard players operation @a level += @s vigorscore 
scoreboard players operation @a level += @s individualityscore

checklevelscore.mcfunction works fine if I call it with /function ingame. The function just refuses to run every tick.


Would appreciate it greatly if y'all could help so I can stop beating my head against the wall. Thank you!

  • Ah yes, now I can actually understand it without spending an hour on it! :) I bet the issue is either inside tick.json or your folder structure is not right. Those would be good additions to the question. BTW, I have a dummy pack already here that does something every tick, maybe that helps. (If it does, you can self-answer.) Jan 22 at 13:13
  • @FabianRöling It looks like everything is structured correctly. If I change whatever is running every tick it does run, but again the function with the operation will not. Here is an example of how my pack is.
    – Whent Tray
    Jan 22 at 19:37


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