I am trying to build tombs

enter image description here

In between the second and third doors, the wall was removed to recover gems. I then constructed a wall via the build menu to replace it. This created 2 columns (the two O glyphs between two 0 coffins).

The rightmost chamber is already a tomb.

enter image description here

If I go to Zone > Tomb > Multi and try to enclose the two rightmost rooms it fails with

Coffin rejected (not enclosed).

Is there a way to build an enclosure which will allow me to make these into tombs?

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That smoothed/built wall formation shouldn't result in 2 columns; it should be a continuous wall. Are you sure the wall that you built is in fact built? If that wall is still in the blueprint/pending stage, this behavior would be expected for both walls and tomb designations.

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    This is definitely the problem: the northern constructed wall is still being built, which is why it's displayed in reversed color.
    – Paul Z
    Commented Feb 8 at 16:28

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