I bought a brand new pc and decided to revisit this piece of art.

I could load my previous saves normally, however I would like to start story mode from scratch.

The game loads up but just when the cutscene would start I get a black screen.

I tried some known fixes from related problems but none really did it:

  • Whitelist game on firewall
  • Disable vsync
  • Delete "system.xml" from Settings folder

My GPU drivers are up-to-date. I'm running using an up-to-date DirectX 12, as Vulkan is broken for me (menus disappearing, textures not loading, that kind of stuff).

Current game build: 1491.18. I got the game directly through Rockstar.


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I finally figured it out.

The installation of .NetFramework 3.5 (Redistributable) was corrupt.

As it has some dependencies, all I had to do was reinstall it.

Here is the official link.

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