I'm playing Dragonborn DLC, and I just used my last skill point to unlock Misdirection, a Pickpocket skill that lets me pickpocket equipped weapons.

I was pretty lucky because the first time I used it was on this mystery merchant, Falas Selvayn, which owned a unique bow, the Glass Bow of the Stag Prince. And I had to pickpocket him, since it's labeled as an essential NPC so he can't be killed.

So I'm wondering... did I miss other unique weapons that can be obtained only pickpocketing (and without killing) an NPC?
The question could be extended including Perfect Touch, that lets the player pickpocket equipped items.

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There are unique items that can only be obtained/kept by means of pickpocketing.

Examples include the Jagged Crown, a quest item that can only be kept by means of pickpocketing and the Akaviri Sword carried by Dexion Evicus, only obtainable by stealing from him.

Falas Selvayn's Glass Bow of the Stag Prince on the other hand does not require pickpocketing. It often can be bought from him and if not there are ways of making him sell it.

  • Yeah, reverse pickpocket a melee weapon makes him disequip the bow and it should then be added in the selling pool. Akaviri Sword is the kind of item I was looking for!
    – pinckerman
    Commented Apr 2 at 0:56

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