Between Grenades and Strategems I really need to up my throwing game. Are there any tips for being more accurate with throwing?

I have seen an armour, I am yet to unlock (I am lv17) , which adds 30% to throw distance, but I am not sure what the default throw distance is.

Folks in Quickplay I have played with mentioned it being 50 meters, but I still seem to be short on throws.

  • The grenade/strategem throwing is a bit difficult to get use to. Most times I guestimate it, and usually its "good enough". The only really hard part is throwing grenades into enemy spawn-points, especially the Automation ones.
    – Timmy Jim
    Commented Apr 3 at 13:55

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I found a YouTube short from Gamespot, which has some tips for this.

  • Use the map marker ping to judge distance which will tell you how far away something is
    • Q on PC
    • R1 on PS
  • The video says a standard throw is 42 meters and enhanced throw is 60 meters
  • Reddit suggests regular is 44m and boosted is 66m
  • Reddit suggests you can dive and throw to achieve ~90m

I have confirmed the 90 meter throw myself, it's about the timing and some height helps.

Throwing a stratagem ~90m

Also some physics on throwing from our friends over at the Physics StackExchange who say 45 degrees will get the most distance.

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