The shift is: There're 6 criminals, two bomb with about 30s left and two electrical hazards (one already red). The bombs, generators and the electricity switch(!) is blocked by the gate. During rain, even engineers usually die due to electricity damage before opening the gate.

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So far, I've succeeded managing it once by abandoning all other emergencies, so that I lost the shift due to that and twice by using a verticopter for the criminals.

My usual approach is to send two SWAT and two engineers. The engineers need to open a gate before they can turn off the electricity. The engineers usually die long before completing the first job, opening the gate. This than leads to the bombs exploding and the electricity killing the SWAT officers which leaves me which 4 slots blocked.

Is there any more reliable way?


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First, try to group the SWAT officers together and have them move as a team. This will make them more effective in dealing with the criminals.

Second, use your engineers strategically. Instead of sending them in first, have them wait near the gate until it's time to open it. This will allow them to provide cover for the SWAT officers as they approach the gate.

Third, consider using your medics to heal the SWAT officers as they move through the map. This will help them survive long enough to complete their objectives.

  • Good tips, thank you. The main issue are the bombs, the engineers need to get to the gate as quickly as possible while the swat team is still in action because otherwise the bombs cause a fire which harms the swat officer to losing their heals within seconds which can then no longer protect the engineers to that they can no longer furn off the electricity which then makes all further interventions impossible. Commented May 12 at 7:32
  • Does it work? If so, please click the checkmark. If not, I'll edit it.
    – SuperByte
    Commented May 12 at 18:23
  • Is it OK now or do u still need more time?
    – SuperByte
    Commented May 24 at 3:50
  • There's no healing of unit while they move afaik. I always use SWAT officers in groups. 2 SWAT vehicles are necessary to protect the engineers which cannot wait for the gun fight to be over, but they're covered. That's pretty much the strategy I always use for this emergency. And I loose about 90% of shifts with this emergency in it. Commented May 31 at 16:59

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