I'm currently busy with a quest where Sebastian Sallow is taking me to Hogsmeade to get school supplies, but for some reason, my game keeps crashing when I enter Hogsmeade or shortly after I enter Hogsmeade.

I've tweaked lots of settings and I can't get it to stop crashing.

So I'd like to quit/stop the existing quest and try to see if I'm able to visit Hogsmeade outside of the quest

The problem is that with my latest save, I am already on the quest on my way to Hogsmeade with Sebastian.

The specific quest I am on is the "WELCOME TO HOGSMEADE" quest:

"WELCOME TO HOGSMEADE" quest in Hogwarts Legacy

So ideally I'd just like to cancel the existing quest. Is this possible?

  • @pinckerman WELCOME TO HOGSMEADE Commented Jun 2 at 10:47
  • A couple of Reddit users wrote that "updating video card drivers fixed the crashes for me", so give this a try.
    – pinckerman
    Commented Jun 2 at 10:51
  • Have you changed any graphical settings, perhaps?
    – pinckerman
    Commented Jun 2 at 10:53
  • @pinckerman Yes. I've tried every possible graphic setting there is. Nothing helps. The game keeps crashing in Hogsmeade. I've tried various different combinations of graphics. I've actually been tweaking and trying to get past this mission for the past 4 hours and I tried for 2 hours yesterday as well. Nothing helps. Commented Jun 2 at 10:54
  • 1
    @pinckerman Okay. I've managed to get a lot further with windowed mode, but it still crashes. Thanks for the windowed mode hint. I'm going to keep it on windowed mode. Seems more stable on windowed mode. Commented Jun 2 at 13:09

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Depending on the quest, you may find the option to abandon the quest.

You have to open your Field Guide menu, enter your Quests, and pick the one you want to restart. From here, you’ll see an “Abandon Quest” option at the bottom of your screen:

enter image description here

Unfortunataly, you won’t find this option on every quest.

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