I would like to know how/when that +1 affects the game.

I already used a Fire and an Arcane card and nothing changed. I can't find where in the game those properties come into play.

Talented trait

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After playing for a few days I finally understand the game! This game is about the "synergy" of the cards. For instance, in the print screen in the question, the Talented property is Fire+1. That doesn't mean initially anything for the Apprentice, since none of his cards are Fire. They are all "Apprentice" cards. But, let us say he finds a Leather-bound Tome:

Leather-bound Tome

That tome is Fire +1, right? So the cards my character will gain are Fire1 and Fire2 (Fire1 because of the Fire+1 of the card and Fire2 because of the +1 of the trait): Fire+1 and Fire+2

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