The description of Archaic Seal says "Your next Well of Charon item with a duration will instead expire after 2 Guardian(s)." When you have this item, the Seal icon will appear below any Well of Charon items it can apply to. However, I noticed it doesn't appear below Fateful Twist which says "Gain a random item offered from the Well of Charon".

If you buy a Fateful Twist from the Well of Charon while Archaic Seal is active and it gives you an item with a duration, will the changed duration from Archaic Seal apply to that new item?

Option to buy fateful twist. The Archaic Seal icon is below a different item, Braid of Atlas

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At the time of this answer, an item bought with Fateful Twist while under Archaic Seal's effect won't be affected by the Archaic Seal's effect, but instead will work like a regular item bought in normal circumstances.

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