I've started playing Banana on Steam and I see the game is dropping items that land into my Steam Inventory.

How does the drop system work? Does it drop randomly, or do I need to click a certain amount of times? Is there a limit on the amount of drops per hours, per day, etc.?

I'd just like to get as much info about the drop system as possible.

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The drop system has two timers: A regular drop and a rare drop timer.

When a timer is empty and the game is open, it'll drop an item from the respective pool and reset it to 3 and 18 hours respectively.

As for which bananas and the drop rates of each individual banana type every time you trigger a drop: that has not been disclosed by the developers, and is constantly rotating.

tl;dr every 18 hours, if you are constantly clicking and assuming lag is not a thing, you would have got 6 regular bananas and a rare banana.

Note: This "18 hours" is more like 18 hours and some seconds plus lag/load.

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