In the '95s, I used to play a X11 2D flight game, which I think was included as default on the UNIX (Solaris, if I remember well) running on then-top-notch SUN scientific workstations.

Does anyone remember that game and could tell me if it has been adapted under Linux ?

At work, we used these stations for scientific calculation, mostly FEM and material modelling, and at pauses, some of us played his game. If I remember well, you first had to launch a server process, then you launched a client process which connected to the server and you could play from multiple stations on one server.

In that game, you played a "spaceship" or "plane" symbolized by a small triangle, pitted against bots and other users' ships. You had a small gun and a limited amount of fuel. The map was made of land masses you couldn't hit,because hitting them destroyed you. There were various landmarks on the "shores", like attractor or repulsor zones, safe landing pads, refuelling tanks, and so.

It was fun, because it had infinite possibilities, made use of both dexterity and wit, was a mix of combat and exploration, and allowed for small sessions during work pauses.

I've searched for it throughout the internet, to no avail... I remember it had "gravity" in the name, but as including that word didn't give me anything, I might be wrong. It was very popular at the time, so it can't be completely forgotten !

Thanks in advance for any hint, this game is for me a kind of Proust's madeleine ^-^


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YEEESSSS ! Found it !

Writing that question inspired me new search avenues and I finally found it, it's name is XPilot !

Some links :

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