It seems like every time I renovate a building, my Awareness jumps a good 20% give or take. Killing guards and otherwise causing a disturbance to the peace seems to give me far less, but I've been a bit lackadaisical about how many guards I off if the situation calls for it.

Approximately how many people can I kill before I've accrued as much Awareness as renovating a building?

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I have observed that from having 0% Templar Awareness, it takes 5 high-profile kills (where guards see you make the kill) to get it to fill up 1/8 the way (to the corner of the meter). Janissaries are worth two normal kills. That would equate to 40 high-profile kills to get to 100% Templar Awareness. Renovations add 20% to your awareness taking 5 renovations to get to 100% Templar Awareness.

By my calculations:

Murder: 40 kills/100% awareness
Renovations: 5 renovations/100% awareness

Murder-To-Renovation Ratio: 40 kills/5 renovations == 8 kills/1 renovation == 8.0

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    Note, I have 100% synchronization in the game. So this may or may not affect the ratio. I don't think it did. Commented Dec 13, 2011 at 2:30
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    It's not like the other games, where when you ended the game, they gave you an item that made your awareness fall to 0 and stay to it.
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    Commented Dec 13, 2011 at 3:15
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