I know you can get a companion in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but when do you get said companion?

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This varies from class to class, but you should get your first companion as part of the storyline missions in your beginner zone. You'll be in the range of level 5-10.

  • I'll be honest, but I suspected that having played through two classes starting areas... but it's an extremely common question in chat, so I decided to ask it anyway.
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  • @Powerlord I figured it just had something to do with hats
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  • That's a secret to everyone (see the SWTOR hat requirement)
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You first have to complete most of your class quest. You are most likely to get it between 7-9. If you see other people with companions at 5 or 6 that means they didn't do any other quest really. Hopes this helps guys!

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