I once got fastball pitch of 150 km/h (93 mph) in the baseball game of Wii Sports. I only did it only once, all my other fastball are much slower than that usually 100 mph (62 mph).

I don't know how I was able to throw a pitch like that. I don't remember what technique did I used. I would like to know which motion or pitching mechanic I need to achieve these speeds.


The trick to ultra-fast pitches is a fast, but short movement, like flicking your wrist:

Quickly flick your wrist instead of throwing an actual pitch. This is the catch: quickly flicking your wrist will make the controller think you're making the "throw" motion a lot faster than you actually are.

Another tip compared it to trying to swat a fly - a sharp downward motion.

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I've found the best method is to kinda throw a direct punch (as if boxing), which 95% of the time results in 150-153km/h fast balls.

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