I was playing some Spec Ops Missions with a friend the other night, and one of them put us both inside suits of Juggernaut armor. I've only briefly used Juggernaut armor before, but I noticed I was unable to jump while wearing it in the mission. I was wondering if Juggernaut armor in multiplayer behaves the same way or not.

If I get Juggernaut armor during a multiplayer match (either of the two killstreak options), will I be able to jump? Or am I stuck on the ground for the duration of the armor's lifespan?

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i found detailed information about the juggernaut strike-chain on this and this entry on a call-of-duty wiki. basically:

  • you can't jump
  • you can't go prone
  • you can't pick up weapons
  • you're moving very slow (65% speed)

this is consistent with my personal experience as far a i remember (i'm at work now and havn't played for about 9 hours or so, maybe i remember wrong)

  • You can't prone either. Edited
    – SSumner
    Dec 19, 2011 at 15:40

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