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How do I kill a giant?

What is the best approach to taking down giants in the game?

I am currently level 23, high smithing levels which nets me some great heavy armor, etc. I'm also quite skilled with single hand, and archery.

Currently what I try is to use the landscape (high places, etc;) and shoot till dead (I make my companion wait out of sight so that they don't engage) the giants.

This sometimes works (if I find good cover, etc), however its annoying and time consuming. Is killing giants something best left for later levels? Or are they just that hard to kill? I mean I can take down dragons easily, but Giants get one 'wallop' in on me and I go flying off the map.

I've had success casting Oakskin too, (to some extent, until the 2nd giant killed me -- spell probly wore off)

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  • You might be missing the Heavy armor perks. Giants don't one-hit-kill you with good armor. – Amy B Dec 20 '11 at 18:15
  • No I have the Heavy Armor Perk I just get creamed by their clubs.. as mentioned I am level ~20s – Jakub Dec 20 '11 at 18:17

You've discovered the only strategy that really works at low levels -- preventing the giant from hitting you at all.

Other than using terrain features, there is another way to do this:

Effective ways to combat Giants include frost spells and frost-enchanted weapons. The damage appears to be the same as the other elemental types, yet this will stun them causing them to walk extremely slowly for many seconds.

Giants are always the same level, 32, so you should expect them to be far more difficult than dragons at early levels, and far easier than dragons at later levels.

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