The achievement Group Hug reads Raised a Hero of each type to Level 70. After the game released on Steam, they released the New Heroes DLC, which gives you access to gender-swapped versions of the original 4 classes who have different activated abilities.

This is a table showing which of the New Heroes are equivalent to the originals:

 Original     New Heroes DLC

  Squire         Countess
   Monk          Initiate
 Apprentice       Adept
 Huntress         Hunter

With that in mind, I need to know if I only get Group Hug for leveling the original 4 classes to 70, or can I mix and match for example, a Squire, Initiate, Apprentice and Huntress and still get the achievement? Or would I have to use all 4 from either the original group or the New Heroes DLC, by which I mean either leveling the Squire/Monk/Apprentice/Huntress or Countess/Initiate/Adept/Hunter together?

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The Group Hug achievement only works with the original four heroes.

  • As of patch 7.16, the 'Group Hug' Achievement can now optionally be earned using the corresponding Gender-Swapped Heroes. I would posit to say that you still can't mix and match the heroes for the achievement, but Countess/Initiate/Adept/Hunter should now be possible.
    – Gwen
    Commented Feb 10, 2012 at 7:38

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