Is there a general way to set a Game to use a different monitor/display in fullscreen mode?


I am sure that different games approach the problem in different ways, but three things come to mind:

  • Try making the desired monitor the primary monitor
  • Try configuring the operating system so that it thinks the desired monitor is both the left-most and the top-most, i.e. the top-left corner of the "extended desktop" resides on the desired monitor
  • You might be able to set an option using some utility which came with your graphics driver (IIRC, the AMD/ATI one is called Catalyst Control Center)
  • I use the first trick, myself. Windows will let you move the taskbar to a secondary monitor and most non-game applications will remember which monitor you last used them on. – Ben Blank Dec 21 '11 at 22:39

You could set the monitors to span with the nvidia drivers but then every full sized app will span both screens

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