On Skyrim, it seems very difficult to manage multiple characters. Their quicksaves overwrite each other and you have to trace back the date of when you last did a "full save" to load a different character.

Outside of swapping the save files, is there a better way to manage multiple characters?

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Use the Skyrim Character Manager.

It modifies your ini file upon startup and lets you choose between characters.

  • I am seeing some mixed reviews about it. Support seems to have stopped a few months after this answer.
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You could also use the Profile Manager it works the same way as the Skyrim Character manager, but has more features and works on more games.


Wrye Bash have a profile feature, that not only manage the saves, but also the mods activated with them.

To use it, got to the save tab, right click on a column header, then profile->manage profile. This allows you to create new profiles. You can then move or copy saves to a profile, and it will remember the activated mods when switching.


Skyrim Special Edition now allows you to load specific characters' save files.


I personally manage my character save files by saving with the console. You can name the saves whatever you like using this method, and I just continually overwrite the same save state. For example, lets say I have a Khajiit melee assassin, I would use the console to save like so:

save stabbytabby

If I want to reload from that save:

load stabbytabby

From the home menu of the game, these show up like normal save entries, but with the custom names you give them, rather than dates.

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