I have a question about permission nodes in Bukkit. I want to give my moderators the ability to define and redefine their own regions but not regions that they are members of. I found WorldGuard's permission nodes here. If a permission node has a child node, do I have to include the parent? For example ...

Do I do this and include the worldguard.region.redefine permission

- worldguard.region.define
- worldguard.region.claim
- worldguard.region.redefine
- worldguard.region.redefine.own

Or should I do this and not include the worldguard.region.redefine permission

- worldguard.region.define
- worldguard.region.claim
- worldguard.region.redefine.own

If I give them the worldguard.region.redefine permission will it also give them the worldguard.region.redefine.member permission?

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    IF you know how to use imports in the Java programming language, permission nodes work the same way. – SaintWacko Dec 22 '11 at 18:51
  • @SaintWacko I never thought of it that way! I have been programming in Java for about 4 years and now it makes sense. Thanks :) – Stefan Bossbaly Dec 22 '11 at 21:55
  • Heh, no problem. I just realized that myself yesterday. Should I put that as an answer? – SaintWacko Dec 22 '11 at 22:45

Giving them worldguard.region.redefine will not give them worldguard.region.redefine.member, using a wild card will do that: worldguard.region.redefine.*. It may be obvious, but it wasn't to me at first, that using that wild card will not give them worldguard.region.redefine.

Given your current situation, I would say to use the first set up, because they need permission to redefine regions in the first place.

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