I gather that I can pay to respec my abilities, but does the cost go up permanently once I use it, or can I respec periodically for a low price?


With Patch 1.5, subscribers can respec for free and cost is reduced for Preferred players. The numbers below should still apply for Free players. See "Respecialization" at http://www.swtor.com/free/features

The following information has been gleaned from the links attached:

  • Respec costs reset every week in-game for all characters.
  • The first resec is free, with each subsequent respec for the week increasing in price.
  • The relative cost of each respec does seem to be linked to your characters level, with higher characters costing more.
  • The respec cost caps at 100,000 in game currency, regardless of your level.

Relevant links:

Give it a while and there will probably be a respec calculator available, probably as an addon to the many already avalable skills calculators such as this one at tor-head.

Here are some quoted coss I have found:

Level 29 char (no spec given):

  • 1st time – 0 credits
  • 2nd time – 400 Credits
  • 3rd time – 2675 credits
  • 4th time – 8000 credits

Level 25 char (no class given)

  • 1st = 0
  • 2nd = 300
  • 3rd = 1950
  • 4th = 5850
  • 5th = 12750

No level given:

  • 1st time: free
  • 2nd: 1800 cred
  • 3rd: 8300
  • 4th: 25000
  • 5th: 50000

No level given:

  • 1st. free
  • 2nd. 300
  • 3rd. 2k
  • 4th. 10k

I hope this helps :)

P.S. If you have came to this thread looking for a more detailed answer, I am currently asking for more detailed information to work with on the SWTOR forum, so please stop by and help.

  • I would really like to see the costs for a level 50. – Amarok May 18 '12 at 9:41

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