I can play other games with my TV as my monitor. (IE I play Skyrim all the time with my TV as my monitor.)

But when I fire up Starcraft II I get a very scrambled picture.

My TV runs best at 1280 X 768, but it does support some other resolutions. Would a different resolution help? Is there any hope to get this working?

Any why doesn't Starcraft II work but Skyrim does?

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Try windowed mode, that should fix it since it's not changing the screen mode.

Then look around for a borderless window mode for SC2. You may have to use 3rd party software.


As Zeno said, try Windowed mode. I currently run Starcraft II on a 2-monitor setup, and I run it in windowed mode. As an added bonus: You'll want to check the box for full screen windowed mode (this removes the border around the window and makes it feel the same as if it were in a "normal" non-windowed mode).

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