I can play other games with my TV as my monitor. (IE I play Skyrim all the time with my TV as my monitor.)

But when I fire up Starcraft II I get a very scrambled picture.

My TV runs best at 1280 X 768, but it does support some other resolutions. Would a different resolution help? Is there any hope to get this working?

Any why doesn't Starcraft II work but Skyrim does?


Try windowed mode, that should fix it since it's not changing the screen mode.

Then look around for a borderless window mode for SC2. You may have to use 3rd party software.


As Zeno said, try Windowed mode. I currently run Starcraft II on a 2-monitor setup, and I run it in windowed mode. As an added bonus: You'll want to check the box for full screen windowed mode (this removes the border around the window and makes it feel the same as if it were in a "normal" non-windowed mode).

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