The interface for containers in Skyrim is driving me nuts. On the chest side, press E and you take the ingredient. Change to your inventory side, press E and you eat the item, instead of dropping it in to the box.

On the other hand, I have emptied the whole chest countless times, because the R key moves one item from your inventory into the container, but all items the other way round.

Is there any way to change this behavior? Mods like "Interface Hard Coded Key Tweaks" only seem to be able to change the whole group of functions a key can be bound to in different situations (meaning that I could bind "Take" and "Eat" on another key, but not on different keys).

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    This is really starting to annoy me. I frequently quick travel back to Riverwood where I have five barrels that I use to categorize loot that I come to drop off. These barrels are filled to the brim with ores, jewelry, magic items, igredients, etc. I'll open one and think I am looking in my own inventory, so I'll highlight an item and press R to store, only R, in this case, TAKES ALL. So I end up having to reload my previous autosave because it's actually quick to do that than to sort out all the items I accidentally took. Commented May 27, 2012 at 19:14

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Two solutions I can think of:

  • Check out the SkyUI mod. It may alleviate the problem as it's more reliant on the mouse, however it doesn't replace all menus at this time (only the personal inventory screen).

  • If you have Adobe Flash and with some programming experience I'm pretty sure you can separate those predefined controls into any keys you like. See my question Config setting for the threshold between single/multiple item handling? for the basics of opening and editing the Interface files. You'll need a tool like FOMM to see inside the Skyrim - Interface.bsa file and find the correct directory structure to store your own "mod".

    You wouldn't be able to change the UI like SkyUI does without prior Flash experience. However as I have found out, it's fairly simple to edit the actionscript code and re-publish the files without touching anything else.

    EDIT If you're willing to hack the actionscript, see line 62 of ContainerMenu.as

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    Well the game apparently is hardcoded for a gamepad (ie. fewer controls). So on the actionscript side you can't actually add more controls (ie. separate R into two keys), because the main game calls one actionscript function to handle "R". In ContainerMenu.as however you can either comment out or change the call to "TakeAllItems" into an "ItemTransfer". Commented Dec 31, 2011 at 1:05

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