In my crafting window there are numbers next to all the items I can make, but I don't know what they mean. I initially thought it was how many I could make with stuff I had on hand, but in my screenshot I can clearly make 3 when it says 0. Is it bugged or does it mean something else entirely?

enter image description here

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Those figures are supposed to show how many of the item you can make, I believe the fault you have pointed out is because of the systems inability to differentiate between your characters inventory, and yoru cargo hold inventory :S

Additionally the intensity of the colour indicates how much of a boost the item will give the crafting skill when made:

  • grey ( + 0 pt )
  • green ( + 1 pt per 2 items made )
  • yellow ( + 1 pt per item made )
  • orange ( +2 pt pre item made ) ~VMT to sarge-smith, and mufasa for this information~

It might be worth popping into the devtracker forum and letting them know about this.

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    The color indicates the level compared to your max. So gray won't help you level the skill at all. Green a little, yellow more, orange the most.
    – Mufasa
    Dec 31, 2011 at 20:11
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    specifically, green increases your skill level 1 pt/2 made. yellow 1pt/1 made. and orange 2pt/1made.
    – user4139
    Jan 1, 2012 at 16:53

They're supposed to represent how many you can craft.

But, as you've noted, the crafting UI is just a little bit broken.

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