After beating the castle of Special World 1 you unlock Luigi as a playable character. I played as him for a bit but I didn't notice any game play differences between Mario and Luigi. I remember in Super Mario Galaxy that Luigi could jump further, but he took longer to stop.

Are there any differences between Mario and Luigi, or are they identical?


He skids a bit more (faster/more momentum?) and jumps higher (Luigi can triple jump), but the biggest difference that I've noticed though is that he wears green and that he is Mario's brother.

"Tanooki Luigi" wears a Kitsune suit.

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Apparently it's the same as in Galaxy - he jumps a bit higher/further, but he has poorer traction.

A minor graphical difference, but his Tanooki Suit supposedly also looks a bit more like a Kitsune.

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    Traditionally (going back to SMB2US) Luigi has a better jump distance and hang time than Mario. – CyberSkull Jan 2 '12 at 6:54

He jumps a bit higher and skids a bit farther. he can also run faster. He can also triple-jump.

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