Does being registered as an self-employed writer help me in any way? are the royalty checks bigger?

Are there any other benefits from being registered as self-employed?


Self-employed writers get the same benefits as all the other self-employment options:

Occasional trophies, accolades and bonus checks.

For an Ambitious sim, it also tends to provide a steady trickle of promotions, which is good.


Writers are one of my favorite professions to play in sims, getting 50K royalty checks every Sunday really helps with ...well, everything. There are many different builds but the 2 must-have traits are Bookworm and Artistic. These really help get your writing skill up and boost the value of your books. Apart from that, you could go with Loner/Hates the Outdoors for a shut-in author you want to level really fast and gets a boost for doing it. Hopeless romantic lets you start writing romance novels at lev 6 (as opposed to lev 9) thats a huge boost to your paychecks. Perfectionist makes for even higher boosts to royalty checks but the downside is you take longer to finish the books.

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