The Duke disappearance bug in CastleVille seems to be a very prevalent one. Is there a way to make the Duke reappear, or at least get his quests back?


Apparently this is a known issue. They are working on a game-wide fix, but in the meantime, they are trying to manually fix this for each individual user, so it is taking them a while.

From this forum:

Originally Posted by Ziffer Last Update: 12/20


Since 11/23, some players have reported losing the Duke's Quest Line after going OOS and are unable to restart the Quest Line to finish it.

Status: The CastleVille Team is actively investigating and addressing.

Workaround: Please contact Customer Support for a fix.

Link to bug report thread: here

Here are some things that they suggest trying:

Known Issue: http://forums.zynga.com/showthread.php?t=1243568

Getting your game to work might be just a few steps away. Before posting a bug report, try out these trouble shooting tips.

If you have done all of these and still need to post your bug report please provide the following, whether you create a new thread or post in an existing one.

  • Have you tried clearing your cache and reloading the game?
  • Have you tried all the other troubleshooting steps listed in this guide? Including restarting your computer?
  • Please provide your browser and version
  • Please provide your operating system and version
  • Please provide your flash version.
  • Are you receiving any errors when you try loading the game? If so you could you please post a screenshot of that error?
  • Please describe the issue. If you are receiving an error please provide as much information as possible regarding what you were trying to do in the game right before it happened.
  • If possible, please provide your facebook user ID (please do not post anyone else's user ID, as that would violate the forum Rules of Conduct
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