In Minecraft I need to make a piston door that opens when a plate is stepped on, it is normally the other way around. Does anyone know how? A video would be helpful but not required.

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    Insert a not gate (ie. input into a single redstone torch) between the plate and the door? – BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft Jan 8 '12 at 0:03

Simply put in a NOT Gate. A not gate is a redstone current running into a block which has a redstone torch attached to it (as shown in the first screenshot).


enter image description here

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Here is a good example that uses a NOT gate.


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If you already have the door working (but inverted) just connect the pressure plate to the pistons using a NOT gate (a torch on a block) to invert the signal and therefore the door.

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Put a NOT gate on your line from the pressure plate to the pistons.

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Put a "not gate" from the Pistons to the pressure plates (if you're using them). A not gate is where you make a redstone trail up to a redstone torch on a 1x1 wall. Then on the other side of the block, you make another redstone trail to directly underneath the pressure plate/whatever else you're using and (optional) one more trail on the right side of the block (redstone torch view) to directly underneath your other pressure plate.

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