I've built several particle disturbance sensors and given them to my squad at the start of a mission. The only details I can find about how to use them are along the lines of "Click on the Disturbance Sensor icon on the tactical display. Select 'Use Sensor' from the menu." I can't see this icon anywhere! What am I missing?


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Use the sensor like you would a weapon - put it in your hand, then click on it, the same way you would pick between snap, auto, and aimed shots.

Medkits are used the same way.

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    They are the equivalent of motion sensors from the first game if you wind up playing that one or know how to use those.
    – user10835
    Jan 8, 2012 at 3:00
  • Thanks, that worked. Thanks for the advice about the first game, too! Jan 9, 2012 at 2:27

The other thing of note is how to use the display once you have it. It will show you all movement from anyone within an 8 square radius. It is best to use this before other people have moved. It will only show moving people, so if you have an alien hiding in a closet, it won't do much good.

Personally, I never could find much use for them, but perhaps others have.


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