In regular (not Super) Street Fighter IV you could create player matches. You could make a player match friends-only, invite your friend, and play tons of matches.

In Super Street Fighter IV, there are no player matches anymore. I can invite my friends if I create a game in endless mode or team mode, but not in 1v1 mode. Every time I try to click invite friend, it is always grayed out. Even if we create a party the option to invite party to game is also grayed out.

How do I create a 1v1 match in SSFIV and invite someone from my friends list?


Endless mode with the lobby set to just 2 people is the replacement for player matches. Set the other slot to private and you get a friend-only 1v1 mode.

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  • So there's no way to do it outside of endless mode? – Apreche Aug 6 '10 at 18:56

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