Literacy is one of the demographics in Civilization 5. How is it calculated? How do you compare two civilizations via this statistic? Are you able to tell how advanced a civ is compared to you by comparing your relative Literacy ratings?

  • I believe it's related to science. – Raven Dreamer Jan 14 '12 at 18:01

It's the percentage of the total technologies you've researched, as long as you have writing, otherwise it's always 0. Note that what follows is not my research, I found this on the CivFanatics forums:

From Assets/UI/InGame/Popups/Demographics.lua:

function GetLiteracyValue( iPlayer )

    local pTeamTechs = Teams[ Players[ iPlayer ]:GetTeam() ]:GetTeamTechs();

    local iWriting = GameInfoTypes[ "TECH_WRITING" ];
    if( iWriting ~= nil and 
        not pTeamTechs:HasTech( iWriting ) ) then
        return 0;

    local iCount = 0;
    for row in GameInfo.Technologies() do
        if( pTeamTechs:HasTech( row.ID ) ) then
            iCount = iCount + 1;

    return 100 * iCount / #GameInfo.Technologies;

Since "Future Tech" never gets fully researched, you can never reach 100% literacy.

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