Ninjatown: Trees of Doom has one achievement that I can't quite figure out.

Lunatic achievement

I'm guessing this is somehow related to the moon that is shown in the background when it is nighttime, but whenever I see the moon it's a crescent, never any other phase.

Crescent moon at night


I emailed the developers (Venan Entertainment) about this achievement, and got this response:

The Lunatic achievement is a little evil on our part (and the name is quite appropriate).

As the game is now, once you reach 750 meters the day and night cycles start. The moon always starts as full, but as the days and nights cycle through the moon will continue to change phases.

The simple answer is: Get above 750 meters then let the game just keep running for a while. Once the game has cycled through approximately 12 days/nights you will get the Lunatic achievement.

  • I had imagined that something like this was the case, but then I thought "no, there's no way that they would do this". Looks like I was wrong. – Kevin Yap Jan 16 '12 at 17:58
  • My moon always starts at first quarter. I have cycled thru moon after moon to no avail. – user29946 Jul 25 '12 at 2:18

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