I'm looking to make some art in Minecraft with colored wool, and I want to use Illustrator to pixelize my pictures. It would be very helpful if I could make a color palette of the available colors. So, does anyone have a list of the available colors? Hex is preferred, but RGB and CMYK will work too.

  • I would think that the colors that you actually see in game would depend on lighting and distance (due to distance fog) – murgatroid99 Jan 16 '12 at 3:44
  • Hmm, good point. – andronikus Jan 16 '12 at 3:56

It's probably not going to be exact, but I found this:

 • White      - FFe4e4e4 
 • Light Gray - FFa0a7a7 
 • Dark Gray  - FF414141 
 • Black      - FF181414 
 • Red        - FF9e2b27 
 • Orange     - FFea7e35 
 • Yellow     - FFc2b51c 
 • Lime Green - FF39ba2e 
 • Green      - FF364b18 
 • Light Blue - FF6387d2 
 • Cyan       - FF267191 
 • Blue       - FF253193 
 • Purple     - FF7e34bf 
 • Magenta    - FFbe49c9 
 • Pink       - FFd98199 
 • Brown      - FF56331c

The colors are in hexadecimal code, the leading FF byte representing opacity. Since the colors in game are varied, these were derived from images of the wool texture and averaged over an 11-pixel area in Photoshop.

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