What combat combos are available in Batman: Arkham City Lockdown? The tutorial teaches you two:

It then urges me to discover others. To this point, I haven't found any. My usual tactics are to wait for an enemy to attack, swipe to deflect, then use the combo.

What other combos are there? What are the most powerful?


Other combo attacks include:

  • Left, Right, Down - Leg Kick
  • Left, Right, Up - Right Uppercut
  • Right, Left, Down - Gut Punch
  • Right, Left, Up - Left Uppercut
  • Right, Left, Right, Down - Side Kick
  • Left, Right, Left, Up - Rising Uppercut (actually looks somewhat like the Dragon Punch from Street Fighter)

As for the power level of the combos, I haven't noticed much of a difference at this time, but then again a lot of my combos seem to be produced by blind luck rather than expert timing.

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