I have the Steam client installed on my Macbook Pro, and each and every time I shut my Mac down without first quitting the Steam client, the client crashes.

While the end result is the same (the client terminates), crashing is a much less elegant affair, and I suppose it could also be potentially harmful. Is there a way to stop this from happening, other than remembering to close the client beforehand? Has anyone else even come across this issue?


Your Steam client might not have crashed at all.

While Steam itself seems a lot more stable today, I believe I remember that happening to the early Mac Steam client versions on my machine, too.

I still experience OS X often considering Steam games crashed when they terminate even though they were gracefully exited using the appropriate in-game button. This effect seems strongest with newly released games, triggering a crash report nearly every time a Steam game is exited, but it seems to wear off as the titles grow older, I can't tell if they are being patched or whether OS X remembers them for acting strangely and stops bothering after a time.

So, maybe there's nothing to worry about but OS X just can't figure it out and worries in vain.

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  • While it is beyond my capabilities to verify whether or not the crashes I am experiencing are actual crashes, the frequency of this event has greatly declined, which I can only attribute to Steam getting more OSX-ish, as you yourself suspect. – Aubergine Feb 27 '13 at 20:22

I've found the issue, It's due to a memory leak with the Store. Look at the following link for the fix:


If you change your client's initial page to something other than the store you should be fine. If you need to use the store, I recommend closing the client and restarting before playing.

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  • While I think it might be worth trying, I am not too sure it the same issue. Considering that the question was asked almost a year ago. It would be interesting to see if OP experiences this problem to this day. – theUg Jan 5 '13 at 7:51
  • @theUg Oh it definitely still happens, but not like this article describes. Still, I'll be sure to give the solution a try and report. – Aubergine Jan 5 '13 at 9:55

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