Do all players on server spawn at the exactly same spot?

What I mean is, do all the players have the exact same spawn coordinates?

I know that the player spawns at the same point so if I place a dirt block in the place I spawned
all the players will spawn on it?


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In multiplayer, players will spawn, by default, anywhere within a 20x20 area centered at the spawn point. An individual player can change their spawn point by merely lying in a bed -- they do not have to go to sleep (which can only happen if all players sleep at the same time).

So the default spawn point is kind of the same. There is a large amount of info on multiplayer spawning.



Sorry, but in SMP the server picks a random block from the spawn chunk to spawn people. They don't spawn on the same block every time.

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Players will spawn on different blocks every time in Vanilla Minecraft, but it is possible to use a server mod such as Bukkit to set an exact spawn point.


In a vanilla SMP Mine-Craft server, blocks are randomly chosen at a certain hight limit.


Usually not, but as of release 1.3.1, the answer is a little more complicated.

If the player that is playing is in survival or creative mode, the game will randomly pick a X and Z coordinate within a 10x10* area of the spawn location, and spawn them at the highest block on that coordinate (note: if there are no blocks at the location, the player will fall into The Void).

There are a few cases where this does not apply.

Adventure Mode

In adventure mode, the player always spawns at the specified location, except if the user has a specific spawn point (more on that later). Barring this, they will always spawn on the specific block.


Using a bed will set your spawn location to a "safe" location around the bed, although this will reset to the world spawn area if you destroy it.

/spawnpoint Operator Command

In release 1.4.2, the /spawnpoint command was added to the vanilla game. This command allows operators to set the spawn of a particular user.

Unlike beds, this ignores any safety check, and will spawn players in a block if there happens to be one at the location.

The spawnRadius game rule

This is the number of blocks out that a player can randomly spawn at. If this is set to 0, then users will spawn on the same block every time they respawn (unless a user's custom spawn point applies).

* As of Minecraft 1.10. I do not know if it the same in older versions of Minecraft. It appears that at some point multiplayer and singleplayer did have a different spawn radius, according to the wiki.

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