Feeling a bit nostalgic about Doom 2 today, I really want to play it, but every time I go back to an old game, the graphics are always worse than I remember.

Is there, or could there be, a mod for Doom 3, that allows me to play Doom 2 in 3D?


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I know this post is quite old, but your best option is to use Doomsday Engine, it adds all the feature that you are looking for 3d models, better lighting, TCP/IP support for networking and the very needed mouse-look support.

If you are looking to play Doom 1 or Doom 2. This is what I would recommend anytime you got some nostalgia.

Screenshot of the engine below:

enter image description here


There's Doom II wad for Doom 3 which you can get from DoomWad Station.

You might also want to check out Doomsday mod, which isn't specifically for D3 engine, but still adds much better graphics and sound to a classic game.

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