I want to add Minecraft to Steam, but am not sure which files to add. How do I add Minecraft to Steam?

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  • You could use the minecraft.jar file as of now too.
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The only file you'll need to add to Steam to be able to play Minecraft is the Minecraft.exe.

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You just have to add the minecraft.exe file. On my Windows machine it is under Program Files/Minecraft, but I am not sure if that is consistent. In any case, you can just search for minecraft.exe file and add it wherever you find it.

To actually add it to Steam, you just have to go to the "Games" menu and click on "Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library...". In the window that opens, either choose minecraft.exe if it is in the list or browse for it in whatever location you found it in.


In my case, the standard method of adding minecraft.exe as a non-steam game wasn't helpful as I needed a method that works in Steam Big Picture mode without going back to the desktop view. To do this, you first need to skip the Minecraft launcher as explained in this question: Can I bypass the new launcher?

That method should give you .bat file that you can run that will skip the Minecraft launcher. However, since Steam's "Add a non-Steam game" feature only allows you to select executables with an .exe extension, you will need to do the following to run the newly created batch script from Steam:

  • Add a non-Steam game and choose any application/game
  • Right-click on the newly added application in your Steam game list and select properties
  • Change the target field to point to your new batch script and the start in field to point to it's directory, and then also change the name/icon to identify it as Minecraft.

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